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Rebars A500SP

REBARS A500SP (Ru: А500СП) — enhanced modification of A500 grade rebars. The advantages of the A500SP rebars are proved by the fundamental research carried out by the Gvozdev Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Research Institution (Gvozdev NIIZhB). Application of A500SP rebars significantly cuts down the self-cost and boosts the reinforced concrete structures reliability.

A distinguishing feature of A500SP rebars profile — the apexes of the crescent ribs are placed not in a single axial plain, but in two perpendicular ones, thus ensuring tight placement of the grains while using the coarse fillers, around the rod core, and providing for more even distribution of the lateral pressure in comparison with the European crescent profile. This profile in generally called four-side crescent profile (see the figure).

A500SP Advantages

  • Guaranteed high performance of mechanical properties and welding properties;
  • High anti-corrosion capacity under stress;
  • Safe application in construction owing to simple visual identification of the strength class and universality of properties;
  • Easy and reliable expert appraisal of the rebars grade in erected structures;
  • fR criterion rejection minimum for A500SP grade rebars = 0.075, thus ensuring the optimum level of coupling between the rebars and concrete, and — according to the NIIZhB data — ensuring the possibility to apply SNiP 2.03.01-84* structural and estimation provisions pertinent to coupling;
  • Durability and shock strength qualities. Apply the rebars successfully for reinforced concrete structures operated in the most demanding conditions (including coastal, northern, seismic regions).


  • According to TU 14-1-5226-2006, A500SP rebars mechanical properties fully comply with STO ASChM 7-93 and GOST R 52544-2006. Steel chemical composition — in accordance with STO ASChM 7-93 provisions; as to the consumer’s requirements — GOST R 52544-2006, (when the rebars resistant butt welding is necessary);
  • As to the resistance to corrosion under stress, A500SP rebars meet the requirements envisaged for application in the structures operated in moderately aggressive and highly aggressive environments, stipulated by GOST 31384-2008 Structural concrete and reinforced concrete protection against corrosion. General technical requirements;
  • While designing and engineering the reinforced concrete structures, rely upon STO 36554501-005-2006* Application of A500SP grade rebars in reinforced concrete structures (Federal Public Unitary Enterprise ‘Construction’ Scientific and Research Center, 2008) as the reference, where for this grade of rebars greater design resistance (450 MPa) is used, and the anchorage length and rebars overlapping length are reduced.

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